Dramatically reduce the development time of your new software application
Software applications have traditionally been made by writing text that computers may read directly, i.e. by programming
source code. This is a very time consuming and error-prone activity, due to the level of detail and difficulty involved.


Genus Apps raises above this level of detail and difficulty, by allowing you to define a model of your business in terms close to your users. Genus Apps reads such models directly, and appears for your end users as normal software applications. There is no programming involved, and your application development time is reduced by a factor of 10 to 100.


Build your new application either from scratch or from our ever increasing set of application model templates. Genus Apps comes with a large range of predefined functionality, bringing new applications  quickly up to speed.


Replace your incomplete off-the-shelf applications
Buying off-the-shelf or packaged software applications may be the right thing to do, if it provides good value for your money.


However, if your business requirements are ever more demanding, you will sooner or later find that some off-the-shelf applications cannot be changed the way you want. This, in turn, may force you to change how you work, or do not provide you with the necessary competitive advantage. Making a tailored software application has traditionally not been an alternative, because of the time and costs involved.


Genus Apps changes this equation by providing you with an alternative. Whether you are considering buying a new application or replacing your old off-the-shelf application, consider making a software application using Genus Apps. There is no programming involved, and provides good value for your money.


Focus on your business instead of your technology
Genus Apps describes your business in terms close to your problem and professional users. Professional users participate in building and changing functionality that used to require IT specialists. Using Genus Apps, you may focus on your business, and let us worry about the underlying platforms and technology.


Make your software people speak a language your users understand
Most software people speak or think in terms close to computational constructs, suited for computers. Genus people speak in terms that your users understand, since our tool runs on business models and not on computer models.


IT maintains control

Your IT department maintains control, even if application building is done by anyone in your organization.


Improve the quality of your software applications
Genus Apps comes with a large range of predefined functionality, which you reuse tailored to your needs. The functionality is well-tested and of high quality as they have been used a countless number of times by a variety of customers.


Tailoring of predefined functionality increases the predictability of making new functions, and reduces the risk because architectural and technical issues have already been resolved in the platform. New functions based on our platform come naturally with higher quality.


Traditional software projects are often stuck with implementations based on wrong or suboptimal decisions. Once detected, these may be too costly to fix. Our app models are fast to change, and you can try out different ideas before making a final decision. Bad decisions may easily be corrected, and the quality of your software is improved.


Adapt quickly to your changing business requirements
If something is going to change, make it easy to change. Genus app models are easier to change than program code or off-the-shelf applications, since models per definition are kept free of implementation details irrelevant for your business.


Reduce the number of your software applications
Having made one business application using Genus Apps, the incorporated business model can easily be extended to cover more applications. Keep your strong applications, and gradually replace your myriad of weak applications with one and only one Genus application, by using our adaptable security model to separate functionality. Imagine the cost saved by reducing your number of vendors and technologies.


Be independent of the underlying software technology
Genus Apps is about describing your business in an app model. Moreover, the application runs directly from such a description, without having to worry about the underlying technology, like Microsoft Windows, Apple iOS, Android or database systems.


Add functionality on top of your existing applications
If you are unable to add functionality to your otherwise strong applications, let our platform access your data and add missing reports and business rules, without compromising the integrity of your existing applications.


Connect your existing applications
Consider connecting your existing applications by letting Genus Apps act as a portal on top of your data, thereby exposing data otherwise not easily accessible across your systems.


Let your Genus app use your existing applications by connecting functions, using standard mechanisms like mail merge, mail sending etc., or more dynamic mechanisms like web services, thereby making new functions possible.