The use of Genus Apps requires a license. The license is an authorization by Genus AS for you as a customer to use Genus Apps in your software applications.


The pricing (license fee) is a function of the amount of Client Access Licenses (CAL), where CALs are defined as:

  • Number of named users of Genus for Web clients.
  • Number of named users of Genus for Desktop clients.
  • Number of named users of Genus web service clients (like external interfaces to Payroll and Billing).
  • The amount of anonymous usage (counted per session).


Access through an intermediary still requires a CAL.


The license is a yearly fee, which falls due for payment annually in advance on February 1st each year based on estimated usage that year.


The license cost decreases per user/session by higher number of user/sessions according to a price ladder.


The license includes maintenance and problem resolution support (reporting, feedback and hotfix), and access to new versions. You are required to upgrade Genus Apps yearly.


Once a year we ask you to provide us with the number of CALs you have added in the previous 12 months. We call this True-Up.


An activation key is issued by us each year after we have received your license payment. The key must be installed following a simple procedure to ensure continued use.


Note that the license covers rights and services for Genus Apps product. Services for your specific Genus application, is covered by our application services (explore the Services menu for more information).

Please also note that implementation activities are not included in our license or application services.