Product Release 2019.1 30/01/2019

Release 2019.1 is a maintenance release with a few bug fixes and a couple of new features. The release notes will be updated with more information as we come closer to the release date, which is planned for February 11th, 2019.

People Software architects wanted 30/01/2019

We are looking for software architects who can analyze and design our new microservices architecture, but also take responsibility for programming selected microservices.


Sounds interesting? Read our job ad:

Market Genus i Finansavisen: Politiet gjør mye av digitaliseringen selv 28/01/2019

Vedlagte artikkel ble publisert i Finansavisen mandag 28. januar 2019 av journalist Grunde Grimstad. Artikkelen er gjengitt med tillatelse fra Finansavisen.

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Product Release 2018.3 20/11/2018

Release 2018.3 will be a maintenance release with just a few new features. See the release notes for more information.


Time schedule:

  • Beta version at November 18th
  • Release Candidate at November 23rd
  • Release at November 29th