NOTE! THIS IS AN ARCHIVED ROADMAP AS OF NOVEMBER 2017! See here for the current roadmap.


Release 2017.5




New effect "Merge documents" will be introduced.




New visualizations will be introduced. See the major new functionality section in release notes for 2017.5 for more information.


Installation / upgrading


Genus Services will include an updated database driver for Oracle ODP.NET, Managed Driver, Oracle.ManagedDataAccess 12.2.1100 or later. No extra installation is required. To access IBM DB2, Genus Services will require IBM DB2 driver version 11.1 Mod 2 Fix Pack 2 or later. This driver must be downloaded from IBM and installed separately.


Genus Apps for Desktop and Genus Services now requires .NET Framework 4.7 or newer.


There will be some breaking changes regarding REST serialization, keyboard navigation, and more. See the breaking changes section in release notes for 2017.5 for more information.


Time schedule


The release stage plan for Release 2017.5 is:

  • Alpha version at October 23rd
  • Beta version at November 6th
  • Release Candidate at November 20th
  • Release at December 4th