As a Genus customer, you are required to upgrade Genus Apps at least yearly.


At first, this may seem like a strict requirement, and - to be true - we got some negative feedback the first years. But then, in the early 2000s, our customers started to see this as something positive. We believe our customers had experienced the problems involved with out-dated software applications, like increased maintenance and upgrade costs, plus security and functionality issues.


The requirement was especially well received among the CIOs (Chief Information Officers) . The requirement meant that they didn’t have to fight for an upgrade on their yearly budget, and that they would be safe that their Genus Apps tool always was upgraded. Instead, they could focus on things more important for their business.


Note that the requirement only covers the Genus Apps tool. There is no requirement to upgrade your applications based on our tool. Our requirement is comparable to upgrading e.g. Microsoft Excel and leaving your spreadsheets as is. However, each new release of our tool offers improved or new functionality, and we generally recommend keeping your Genus apps up to date as well. A new Genus Apps tool version will of course run all your old apps.


New versions of Genus Apps are normally released two to three times a year. It is for you to decide which release to use for your yearly upgrade. Note that it must be the newest release, and not the second newest release or older.


All in all, this comes down to the value of maintenance. Regular maintenance is essential to keep your software reliable and fit to meet your ever changing business requirements. Besides, successful software survives beyond the life of your underlying hardware and system software versions. Making the upgrade once a year keeps your costs down.