NOTE! THIS IS AN ARCHIVED ROADMAP AS OF SPRING 2017! See here for the current roadmap.


Release 2017.2


Analysis & Reports


The following Genus Discovery enhancements will be introduced:

  • Open an Analysis from a Form or Table etc, keeping the context. This is the first step to incorporate Analysis as a step in a adaptable and user centric workflow.
  • More flexible grouping of aggregates, similar to the functionality in Reports. Each value can use individual paths to dimensions during aggregation, and the paths are no longer limited to the ones defined for selection filtering.
  • Accumulative Time Balance calculation. Allows presentation of accumulated values over time, for example accumulated sales year to date.
  • Improved functionality in Maps, like introducing support for feature layers (GeoJSON) and binding symbol size to field values.
  • Management support for operating Data Marts. For example, log of data mart loading with time consumption and row counts.
  • Bubble Chart as new visualization type (tile) to visualize three dimensions (values) of data.
  • Heatmap as new visualization type (tile) where individual values contained in a matrix are represented as colors.


Note that Analysis Viewer on web is restricted to evergreen browsers. The term "evergreen browser" refers to web browsers that are automatically upgraded to future versions. We consider Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Apple Safari to be evergreen browsers. Internet Explorer 11 and older versions are not considered evergreen.




Please note that our support for Internet Explorer 11 and older versions may be removed in a future release based on general browser usage.


Time schedule


The release stage plan for Release 2017.2 was:

  • Alpha version at March 27th
  • Beta version at April 24th
  • Release Candidate at May 1st
  • Release at May 9th