NOTE! THIS IS AN ARCHIVED ROADMAP AS OF WINTER 2013/14! See here for the current roadmap.


Release 2014.1

Genus Desktop

New Genus Desktop Gantt Control for managing and visualizing hierarchical project planning data. For more information, see this news article.


Reduced memory usage while downloading and uploading large files for both Genus Desktop and Genus Server.



Genus Mobile

Introducing the Beta version of Genus Mobile, an app for accessing your data and tasks on your mobile device or on the web without writing a single line of code, i.e. by modeling Forms only. Selected partner projects will be allowed to use the Beta version in production. All other usage, included not approved usage of the Beta version will not be supported.


It is an absolute requirement that your Genus Mobile application models are stored in Genus Directories separate from your existing Genus Desktop or Genus Server application models. This is needed in order to keep the application models as small as possible due to performance reasons, and to allow for an expected higher rate of change (model deployment) and innovation than your existing Genus Desktop-centric models.


The Beta version will support authentication towards the national eID portal (ID-porten) for the public sector in Norway.


Note that it is not necessary to model web services towards Genus Mobile. Behind the scenes Genus Mobile and Genus Server communicate using web services, but these web services come "out-of-the-box" with Genus App Platform.



Common for both Genus Desktop and Genus Mobile

Introducing Activation/License key. Such a software key will be issued by Genus each year after receiving the license payment, and must be installed following a simple procedure to secure continued use.



Genus Server

Oracle Data Provider for .NET Managed Driver included in the Genus Server installation, simplifying the configuration of Genus Server towards Oracle.



End-of-life Functionality

The Single/Multiple Object Page concepts are removed and replaced by the Forms/Table concepts.


Built-in data exchange with Microsoft Project is removed and must be replaced by modeling import/export effects.


Instance Security is removed and replaced by Conditional Security with no loss of functionality.



Release Date

The release is expected in January 2014.



Coming later

Introduction of more Genus Desktop user interface controls, like Calendar (Scheduler), Gauge and Pivot Table controls.


Ribbon introduced to replace the Genus Desktop’s main toolbars (main menus).


Support for WS-Security, an extension to SOAP to apply security to web services. Initial support will be limited to UserID/Password tokens. Further security token models will be added on customer demand.


New Genus Desktop Map Control for displaying dynamic maps with flexible layers and markers.


Full support for Unicode.


Native support for 64-bit editions of Windows and integration with 64-bit versions of Microsoft Office.


Improved Follow-up functionality (reminders, notifications, flags, ...) with tighter data integration supporting live update of (parts of) Forms and social collaboration.


Making report setup available for end users by introducing new reporting functionality. This will be in addition to our existing Microsoft Word and Excel mail merge functionalities.


Our investment in Genus Mobile (cross platform apps for web, mobile, tablet on iOS, Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, Android) continues, with increased flexibility and new controls.


Other, not prioritized functionality:

  • Support for external authentication services (OAuth, Google, Facebook, Twitter, ...).
  • Support for federated security using Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) for Genus Desktop in addition to the existing support for Genus Mobile.
  • Support for BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation), a graphical representation for specifying business processes in a business process model.
  • OpenSearch compatible web services, i.e. allowing publishing of search results in a format suitable for syndication and aggregation, like RSS.
  • Support for Cloud Deployment through Windows Azure. Other cloud computing platforms will be considered based on customer demand.
  • Support for additional service types and formats (HTTP GET/REST, RSS, KML, WebSocket, …).
  • An update of Genus Analyzer to utilize new user interface controls and harmonize with Genus Forms designer.


This roadmap contains forward-looking statements based on current expectations, forecasts and assumptions that involve risks and uncertainties. The actual results may vary from those stated or implied.