Moving a native mobile or tablet app from one platform (operating system) to another, like from iOS to Windows Phone, is pretty much like re-writing the app. So, our strategy is to make cross platform apps (also called cross operating system or multi-channel apps).


Our apps for web, mobile and tablet platforms are all made using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. Adapting a mobile or tablet app from one platform to another is a matter of re-packaging the app to the other platform. Our web apps are made to target all popular browsers.


Our apps may be distributed both on online app distribution systems (i.e. Apple's App Store, Windows Store and Google Play) and directly in-house.

This screen shows a tablet application made for one of our customers using Microsoft's Metro (Modern UI) design principles.

The Data Model, Data Sources and the User Interface Model are pre-processed and provided by a Genus Server (not shown), and set up by the Form Controller using our Binding Engine to express the User Interface.


We use PhoneGap (Cordova) as our Cross Platform Development Framework. Our main targets for Platform Operating Systems are iPhone (iOS), Android and Windows 8.


We currently use the JavaScript libraries jQuery and KnockoutJS.

The Services layer is responsible for communicating with our Genus Server (not shown) over http(s).


Such architecture drawings can never be anything but imperfect and overall views of the real thing, namely our program code. But the architecture drawings give direction to our coding, and support the division of the code into clearly defined layers and class diagrams.