NOTE! THIS IS AN ARCHIVED ROADMAP AS OF FALL 2013! See here for the current roadmap.

Release 2013.2

Genus Desktop

Introducing the first version of Genus Desktop Forms to replace the Single Object Page concept. The Single Object Page will not be removed in this release.
The highlights of Forms are:
  • Custom layout and organization of elements (controls) within a Form, giving a new world of design flexibility compared to the old Single Object Pages.
  • New Diagram Control for displaying graphical networks of connected data.
  • New Timeline Control for visualizing chronological and sequential data.
  • New controls for Analysis, Reporting and Visualization like Chart and Treemap, as part of Forms (not replacing existing controls in Analyzer).
  • Several new or updated common controls: Group, Group Box, Repeating Section, E-Mail Address Edit, Rich Text/Html Edit, Label, Number Edit, Password Edit, Text Edit, Text Popup Edit, URL Edit, Date/Time Edit, Combo Box, List Box, Search Box, Button, Check Box, Radio Button, Track Bar, Grid, Tree, File Browser Edit, File Name Edit, File Preview, File Size Edit, Folder Browser Edit and Image.
  • Changing Color scheme similar to Microsoft Office (e.g. see File / Options / General in Microsoft Outlook 2010/2013).
  • Support for multiple and related data sources within the same form. Dependencies between data sources and controls are expressed by defining logic elements such as rules, data filters, and formulas.
  • Improved dynamic content: Conditional formatting and protection of controls.
  • Association of custom actions with controls.
Genus Mobile
Introducing an Alpha version of Genus Mobile, an app for accessing your data and tasks on your mobile device or on the web without writing a single line of code. Selected partner projects will be allowed to use the Alpha version for mainly prototyping during this release. All other usage, included not approved usage of the Alpha version will not be supported.
Extend your existing Genus Desktop applications to Genus Mobile or create entirely new apps targeted for your mobile platform or the web. Genus Mobile apps are deployed to iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone 8 by adding Cross Platform Views to your Genus Desktop Forms.
The user interface controls (cross platform controls) available will be Group, Group Box, Repeating Section, Email Address Edit, Number Edit, Password Edit, Text Edit, Url Edit, Date/Time Edit, List Box, Button and more.
Genus Mobile will contain the former Genus Numbers app, i.e. functionality for viewing your Genus Analysis on your mobile device or on the web. Genus Mobile will include functionality for downloading the analysis as Excel or PDF files and share with others.
Genus Mobile will be available on Apple AppStore, Google Play and Windows Store. An enterprise distribution option will also be available.
Kindly note that the optional use of Genus Mobile incurs a license fee. Please contact Genus or your Genus partner for more information.
End-of-life Functionality
The Single/Multiple Object Page concept will not be removed in release 2013.2, but will be removed in the release following 2013.2. Details of the transition from Single/Multiple Object Page to Forms/Table will be announced later.
Support for Windows XP has been removed in this release. Microsoft ended their mainstream support of Windows XP in April 2009, and will end their extended support for commercial customers April 8, 2014. See here for more information.
The Genus Desktop client will require .NET Framework 4.5.
Known Issues
Support for Windows Server 2012 towards Oracle is pending Oracle's release of their Windows 2012 data provider (date unknown).
Release Date
The release is expected October 9th 2013.
Coming later
Ribbon introduced to replace the Genus Desktop’s main toolbars (main menus).
Introduction of more Genus Desktop user interface controls, like Gauge and Pivot Table.
New Genus Desktop Gantt Control for visualize and edit schedules with dependencies, including import/export from/to Microsoft Project.
New Genus Desktop Map Control for displaying dynamic maps with flexible layers and markers.
Improved Follow-up functionality (reminders, notifications, flags, ...) with tighter data integration supporting live update of (parts of) Forms and social collaboration.
Making report setup available for end users by introducing new reporting functionality. This will be in addition to our existing Microsoft Word, Excel and Project mail merge functionalities.
Our investment in Genus Mobile (cross platform apps for web, mobile, tablet - iOS, Windows 8 including RT, Windows Phone 8, Android) continues, with increased flexibility and new controls.
Other, not prioritized functionality:
  • Support for external authentication services (OAuth, Google, Facebook, Twitter, ...).
  • Support for BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation), a graphical representation for specifying business processes in a business process model.
  • OpenSearch compatible web services, i.e. allowing publishing of search results in a format suitable for syndication and aggregation, like RSS.
  • Support for Cloud Deployment through Windows Azure. Other cloud computing platforms will be considered based on customer demand.
  • Support for additional service types and formats (HTTP GET/REST, RSS, KML, WebSocket, …).
  • An update of Genus Analyzer to utilize new user interface controls and harmonize with Genus Forms designer.

This roadmap contains forward-looking statements based on current expectations, forecasts and assumptions that involve risks and
uncertainties. The actual results may vary from those stated or implied.