Software applications have traditionally been made by writing text that computers may read directly, i.e. by programming source code. This is a very time consuming and error-prone activity, due to the level of detail and difficulty involved.

Genus raises above this level of detail and difficulty, by allowing you to define a model of your business in terms close to your users. Genus reads such models directly, and appears for your end users as normal software applications. There is no programming involved, and your software development time is reduced by a factor of 10 to 100.

Build your new application either from scratch or from our ever increasing set of application model templates. Genus comes with a large range of predefined functionality, bringing new applications quickly up to speed.
Examples of new applications we have built for our customers in the past include:
  • Candidate management applications for our customers within the staffing industry, like Kelly Services and Manpower.
  • Criminal intelligence applications for our customers within the police and law enforcement industry.
  • A corporate governance application for Skagerak Energi, covering functionality like consolidation, budgeting and prognosis.