NOTE! THIS IS AN ARCHIVED ROADMAP AS OF MARCH 2018! See here for the current roadmap.


Release 2018.1


User Interface

Search portal:

  • The Search Results section in the navigation pane is renamed to Search.
  • In this section you can access recent items, saved searches and current search results.
  • Fully integrated with ribbon.
  • The above replaces all functionality previously available from the Search pane.


Introducing invoking actions on selected text in controls and pdf documents.


Introducing detail pane on desktop tables.



There will be minor enhancements to Analysis based on input from our customers. The detailed enhancements will be described as part of our release notes for release 2018.1.



Improvements regarding definition of request/response data.


General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Support for reading and deleting object audit trail will be introduced.


Time schedule


The release stage plan for Release 2018.1 is:

  • Alpha version at January 29th
  • Beta version at February 19th
  • Release Candidate at March 5th
  • Release at March 23rd