Genus Apps lets you build your software applications without programming. Our tool is a true model-driven software application technology for making no code/low code enterprise applications.


It is something new
The model is composed of your business objects and logic with sufficient detail to make Genus Apps able to run from the model itself. There is no traditional programming or scripting involved, and no program code is produced by our platform.


It is fast
Genus Apps is made to support large organizations with a high number of users and high data volumes.


Having been on the market since 1996, it is a proven technology rich in features. Our tool comes with a large range of predefined functionality, bringing new applications quickly up to speed.


Creating or changing program code is time-consuming and expensive. Genus app models are fast to create and change, and constitute a high productivity development environment.


Configurable off-the-shelf or packaged applications may be affordable to implement, but have limits to their adaptability. Genus app models have no such limits, and are also affordable to implement.


It solves your problems
Typically, this is your situation: Your business processes are in constant change, and your old applications will give you problems, if they are hard to change. With Genus Apps, it is a different story. The models are easy to change, deploy and manage. Genus supports both modes of
bimodal IT.


It reduces the number of applications you need
Keep your strong apps, replace your myriad of weak apps with one and only one Genus app, by using our adaptable security model to separate functionality for different groups of users. Imagine the cost saved by reducing your number of vendors, technologies and system-to-system interfaces.


Your business model is your application
Your business needs are always more sophisticated, and it is hard to keep your applications up to speed.


Programmed applications require you to transform your needs to computational constructs, suited for computers.


Off-the-shelf applications require you to transform your needs to vendor-specific constructs, eventually breaking the façade of simplicity when you sooner or later discover that all your needs cannot be met.


Genus Apps is something else. Genus Apps describes your needs using generic software constructs and mechanisms close to your problem and users. There is no gap between the description and the running Genus app.


There are no limits. Your business model is simply your app.