NOTE! THIS IS AN ARCHIVED ROADMAP AS OF FALL 2017! See here for the current roadmap.


Release 2017.4




The following new visualizations will be introduced:

  • Circle packing: A layout of circles where the size of a circle correspond to a Value. The color may correspond to the grouping by a single Category, or to the Value. Useful for identifying deviating values. Actions can be applied to Header, Content, Button, and Context Menu.
  • Deviation table: Lists a percentage deviation between two values grouped by one category. The table shows the group name, current value and deviation.
  • List: A single column table solely aimed at displaying a high amount of data without much room for formatting, applying functions on the data etc.
  • Report grid: Offers placement of values in cells in order to achieve a custom layout not structured by dimensions or data, but "hard coded" in a row - column position.
  • Sankey diagram: A Sankey diagram is a flow diagram where the width of the links is proportional to the flow between the nodes. The diagram is used to present N-1 values grouped pairwise by N categories. The categories will be distributed along the horizontal axis, and appear as vertically stacked columns of category objects. Between each pair of adjacent categories, there will be links visualizing the aggregated value between the category objects. See here for more information.
  • Single category field: Listing of values belonging to a category. Typically used for categories with a low number of values, like types.
  • Symbolic distribution: A symbolic distribution can be used in two ways: 1) Visualizing a single value grouped by a single category 2) Visualizing one or more uncategorized values. A symbol picker can in both cases be applied to choose a symbol to represent the aggregated value(s).
  • Three dimensional grid: Presents bound data in a tabular format, where columns represent data fields and rows represent objects.  Numerous data management and layout customization features are supported.
  • Ticker: A moving visualization of a value and its relation to a comparative value, e.g. stock or news tickers.


The following new features will be introduced:

  • Copy and paste formatting from one tile to another.
  • Export of a tile to an image (PNG) file.
  • Audit trail on both changes and execution of Analysis.
  • Parallel loading of data marts.
  • Explore values by opening a form or a table.


User Interface



  • Extended view functionality and support for user-defined views
    • Multiple predefined views for shortcuts to a table which the user can choose from
    • Users can create custom views which can be shared with others.



  • The Discovery section in the Genus Studio directory tree is moved from Genus Studio to the navigation pane in Genus Desktop.
  • From the navigation pane you will have access to recent items and entries for viewing different type of objects, such as Analysis and Reports.
  • Data can be filtered from the refine pane, which also includes quick access for filtering on tags and groups.
  • Fully integrated with ribbon.
  • The above replaces all functionality previously available from the Discover pane in Genus Desktop.


REST Service

  • Improved user interface and one designer for defining resource paths and methods for a given service.




Installation of Genus Desktop reengineered to install just a small "launcher executable", to be able to handle future upgrades of Genus Desktop more seamlessly. The launcher will be backwards compatible, i.e. handle startup of old versions of Genus Desktop.


The uninstall of the old installation and installation of the new launcher must be done manually by each user. If you have many users in your organization, please contact your Genus support representative and we may provide you with an automated reinstall specially configured for your environment.


Time schedule


The release stage plan for Release 2017.4 is:

  • Alpha version at August 14th
  • Beta version at September 4th
  • Release Candidate at September 18th
  • Release at September 29th