NOTE! THIS IS AN ARCHIVED ROADMAP AS OF SPRING/SUMMER 2017! See here for the current roadmap.


Release 2017.3




The following Analysis enhancements will be introduced:

  • Conditional Security for handling object level security.
  • Timeshift for e.g. comparing current month's values with the previous month's values.
  • Calculations for arithmetic expressions on aggregated values.
  • Feature layers in Maps to display color-coded regions.
  • New tile type (control) 2D-Grid for two dimensional layout of values.
  • New tile type (control) Circle-Packing (non-hierarchical) displaying circles with size dependent on values.
  • Functions and subsets moved from Analysis to Data mart to enable reuse.




Support for content of type “mulitpart/form-data” when consuming REST services.




Introducing support for Azure SQL DB.


Our help documentation will be converted to the Markdown format and made available for collaborative editing through GitHub, using DocFX as the documentation generation tool.


Time schedule


The release stage plan for Release 2017.3 is:

  • Alpha version at May 15th
  • Beta version at May 29nd
  • Release Candidate at June 5th
  • Release at June 14th