Examples of solutions based on Genus within the police and law enforcement industry are given below. Within this industry we have more than 10 000 Genus desktop users and more than 20 web service interfaces.

Criminal Intelligence
The core functions of our criminal intelligence applications are:
  • Registration and maintenance of intelligence information.
  • Registration of all major objects included integration with other systems to automatically enhance information quality.
  • Project management for a large variety of areas included investigation support. All major criminal cases include a project.
  • All parts of the Genus search functionality are utilized, including searching both structured and unstructured data in all major connected police systems (dependent of national laws).
  • Unlike traditional internet search, Genus adheres to security rules, and only searches among the information a user has access to.
Anti-money Laundering
Handling of anti-money laundering cases with functions like:
  • Automatically receive suspicious transaction reports (web service based).
  • Automatically prioritization of reports and attached objects.
  • Case/hypothesis-handling.
  • Basis for creation of criminal cases.
  • Administer all communication which is vital for notoriety purposes.

Our Anti-money Laundering systems are delivered under the brand name ASK, which is the Norwegian name for type (Ash) of the tree Yggdrasil in Norse mythology.

Telephone Data Case Handling
These applications cover case handling and analysis of telephone data. The core functions are:
  • Import of structured data from all major telecom vendors.
  • Import of all mobile telephone data.
  • Enrichment of imported data.
  • Case handling.
  • Search.

Business Intelligence (BI)
Several Business Intelligence and Reporting applications within the Police and Law Enforcement industry are based on Genus. Key functional areas are:
  • Automatically obtain aggregated data from underlying systems.
  • Generate reports.
  • Registration of key figures (goals/budgets) both at central and local level.
  • Measure handling and support to follow up decided measures included experience documentation.
Genus is extensively used as a BI or corporate governance tool in other industries. Explore the Business Intelligence menu to the left to learn more.
Customer Case Studies
None of our customers within this industry allows us to enclose their names or any further details due to policy reasons. Please contact us if you have any questions. In some cases we can provide you with more information directly.