The Genus Modeling Process


We call our application model building activity for modeling. Your application model may be built from one of our templates or built from scratch.

The activity consists of describing your business objects and logic (metadata) using Genus concepts and mechanisms like object class, properties, tables, forms, actions, agents etc. and deploying the resulting functionality to your users.

With Genus Apps, modeling has finally become the essential task in the software production process. Compared to packaged applications or programming, models are the main and only artifact. No program code is produced, and it is not possible to insert program code.

We claim that modeling reduces the application development time by a factor of 10 to 100 compared to programming. However, speed alone is not sufficient to ensure high quality.


To succeed, a modeling process needs to be defined that carefully balances quality and speed. Explore the topics to the left to learn more about The Genus Modeling Process.