NOTE! THIS IS AN ARCHIVED ROADMAP AS OF FALL 2015! See here for the current roadmap.


Release 2015.2


Extended functionality for federating (or combining) search and presentation of data from structured sources and unstructured/external sources:

  • Includes the ability to read data into data sources by using logic defined in Tasks, and access to search fields from within the logic.
  • Structured sources may be Object Classes in your Application Model.
  • Unstructured/external sources may be open source enterprise search platforms such as Solr and Elasticsearch, i.e. for searching in large amounts of text documents.


Genus Studio enhancements:

  • Introducing Actionflow; a graphical visualization of the control flow inside Actions, with support for editing Action Effect properties.
  • Introducing a Web Browser control.


Genus Mobile enhancements:

  • Introducing support for modelling offline apps:
    • Download your data before leaving the network.
    • While offline:
      • view your downloaded data, like text, dates, numbers, documents, pictures. Playback videos or sound recordings.
      • add data by entering text or taking pictures. Record video or sound.
    • Upload added data when you are back online.
    • View added data on your app, on web or in Genus Desktop.
  • Improved layout setup, making it easier to model Mobile Forms.
  • Support for recording and playback of voice and video on iOS and Android.
  • Introducing cookie-based authentication.
  • Improved caching of static files (like pictures).
  • Introducing declarative property validation with visual feedback.


Please note that this Genus Mobile release is restricted to selected partner projects. All other usage, included not preapproved usage, will not be supported.


Genus Discovery enhancements on Genus Desktop:

  • Definition of Data Extracts from more than one Data Mart.
  • Added ability to define functions and subsets in the Data Extract setup.


Improvements to the Diagram control in Genus Desktop Forms:

  • Added formatting options on node edges.
  • Panning the viewport by mouse drag.
  • Added support for preview in the Genus Studio designer.
  • Quick filtering of nodes to ease hide/show diagram content.


Genus Server enhancements:

  • Migration of the Genus Desktop/Server protocol from ASP.NET Web Services to ASP.NET Web API for read transaction. Improved performance and technology consolidation.
  • Introducing support for IBM InfoSphere Guardium, an IBM database activity monitoring system.


This release will be the last release to support 32-bits Windows for Genus Desktop, i.e. to support 32-bits editions of Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows Server 2008 terminal servers.


Release 2015.2 is expected at September 11th 2015.



Release 2016.1


Full support for Unicode and native support for 64-bits editions of Windows. Genus Deskop will no longer be available for 32-bits editions of Windows.


Today's custom symbols to be replaced by a symbol library.


New and improved Genus Server installer built on the WiX Toolset.


One or more of the following Genus Discovery enhancements on Genus Desktop:

  • Added ability to define functions in Data Mart setup.
  • New controls Linear Gauge and Circular Gauge.
  • Data Mart on server.
  • Analysis as control in Forms.
  • Automatic Formatting.
  • Open Analysis as effect, e.g. filter and open another Analysis when a button is clicked.


One or more of the following Map Control enhancements on both Genus Desktop and Genus Mobile:

  • Relocating markers based on tracking moving objects like vehicles.
  • Selection of multiple points or objects.
  • Drag and drop of markers.
  • Upgrade our support for WMS-C to the new version WMTS (TMS).
  • Extended to full WMS support.
  • Mini-map or PIP (picture-in-picture) for panning.
  • Pie-chart markers with binding to data values.
  • Grid clustering.


One or more of the following improvements to the Diagram control in Genus Desktop Forms:

  • Node location will be persisted.
  • Introduction of node group boxes, in order to improve node placement.
  • Introducing zoom level aware naming of objects.
  • Improved placement of edge labels.
  • Improved visual separation of edges.
  • Support for even higher amounts of data (nodes and edges).


Introducing, in an Alpha version, modernization of the Genus Desktop window menu, toolbar, task pane and navigation pane:

  • Introducing Ribbon:
    • Replaces the window menu and toolbar.
    • Part of the content and commands located in the Task Pane moved to ribbon. E.g. actions published to Forms and Tables can easily be accessed from the Home tab.
    • Use of contextual tabs make commands easier to find, e.g. commands relevant for a Report or a Form control such as a Gantt control.
  • New Navigation Pane with an Outlook-inspired navigation bar.
  • Note: This modernization (code name "Ribbon") will only be available for selected partner projects in an Alpha version. All other usage, included not preapproved usage, will not be supported.


Genus Server enhancements:

  • Continue migration of the Genus Desktop/Server protocol from ASP.NET Web Services to ASP.NET Web API. This time forwrite transactions.


The release is expected during the first half of 2016.



Coming later


Support for concatenation of PDF documents.


Replacement of InstallShield with a more flexible installation technology for Genus Desktop.


Adding support for consuming HTTP RESTful services from Genus Server in addition to the existing support on Genus Desktop.


Further enhancements of Action control flow visualization (Actionflow) in Genus Studio, by e.g. allowing editing and validation of execution sequences.


Introducing a Genus Mobile control in Genus Desktop, making it possible for Genus Desktop to host a mobile app.


Introducing Genus Discovery on Genus Mobile.


Introducing more Genus Desktop and Genus Mobile user interface controls, like Calendar (Scheduler).


Introducing layout groups with repeating content on Genus Desktop (“repeating section”), similar to existing functionality on Genus Mobile.


Improved support for modifying and deleting data on offline apps (conflict resolution).


Simplified Oracle deployment scenarios by replacing Oracle Data Provider for .NET (ODP.NET) Unmanaged Driver with the new ODP.NET Managed Driver.


Extending consuming of HTTP RESTful services. Adding support for exposing HTTP RESTful services from Genus Server.


Adding support for exposing modelled calendars (external calendar sharing).


Improved Follow-up functionality (reminders, notifications, flags, ...) with tighter data integration supporting live update of (parts of) Forms and social collaboration.


Reengineering of the Genus Desktop launcher and its internal handling of executable modules, in order to keep future startup times down and reduce installer complexity.


Reengineering of the Genus Server Configuration tool, in order to make it easier to create new and maintain existing application configurations.


Support for cloud deployment through Microsoft Azure. Other cloud platforms will be considered based on customer demand.


Extended drag & drop support for objects in Genus Mobile.


Redesign of Genus Mobile sign in portal with QR-scan support for easy server configuration.


Advanced text display control for Genus Mobile.


Other, not prioritized functionality:

  • Support for external authentication services (OAuth, Google, Facebook, Twitter, ...).
  • Support for file upload/download extended to server side tasks.
  • Support for WS-Security, an extension to SOAP to apply security to web services. Initial support will be limited to UserID/Password tokens. Further security token models will be added on customer demand.
  • Support for additional service types and formats (RSS, KML, WebSocket, …).
  • An update of Genus Reporter to utilize new user interface controls and harmonize with Genus Forms designer.




This roadmap contains forward-looking statements based on current expectations, forecasts and assumptions that involve risks and uncertainties. The actual results may vary from those stated or implied.