Key functionality for Genus applications within banking and financial services are:
  • Securities Operations and Settlement.
  • Payment processing, validation and matching.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) with automated reporting (Statement of Holding, Annual Report, Daily Transactions etc).
  • Portfolio Management.
  • Commissions management and reporting.
  • Full support of financial services messaging standards.
  • Integration with online customer portal trough web services.
  • Generation of Key Investor Information (KII).
Customer Case Study
ODIN Fund Management (for related site in English, click here) uses Genus as an enterprise business solution to support its core business processes and to integrate with external parties. The ODIN Fund Management Business Control (OBC) offers work process support in areas ranging from sales and CRM, via operations and clearing, to business intelligence including distributor and customer reporting. OBC integrates with external firms e.g. CSDs, banks and distributors, primarily using web services and the lSO20022 standard via SWFTNet. Information and services are offered through the customer online services portal ODIN Online.