Business software solutions


A solution may be defined as a plan or other means to solve a problem.


Genus Apps is a generic application tool for solving your business software problems, either by:

  • adding functionality to your existing applications,
  • connecting your existing applications,
  • replacing your old applications, or
  • building entirely new applications.


Our tool is truly generic, and we do not focus on a specific industry. However, as time has passed, we have made applications for a range of industries and also prepared a range of best practice application templates for these industries. Examples of industries are:

  • Banking and Finance
  • Insurance
  • Manufacturing
  • Police and Law Enforcement
  • Retail
  • Staffing


Most of our customers are medium to large sized companies, and Genus Apps is built to handle complex business processes, large data volumes and many concurrent users. Our largest installations are:

  • 1 billion (1 thousand million) transactions in terms of data volume, with a daily increase of nearly 5 million transactions.
  • 8 000 users (1 500 concurrent) in terms of desktop users.
  • 190 000 users (5 000 concurrent) in terms of web and app users.


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