The Genus Modeling Process is focused on building the best possible application model, and aims to support more general project methodologies. Thus, the modeling process is not to replace a partner's or customer's methodology of choice, but act as a required add-on.


The process contains these phases:

  • Investigate: The process of analyzing the requirements.
  • Draft: The process of creating or adjusting an application model for design and demonstration purposes.
  • Build: The process of creating or adjusting an application model of production quality.
  • Test: The process of verifying that an application model meets the requirements and satisfies the needs of the customer.
  • Transition: The process of deploying the application model to the end users.
Modeling Process - Overview

The modeling process consists of two views or configurations:

  • Project View: Supports building new applications or making major changes to existing applications or application model templates, as a rule of thumb involving a work effort of more than 80 hours.
  • Maintenance View: Supports on-going life cycle management of existing applications, characterized by many minor changes or additions over time. As a rule of thumb each change or addition involves a work effort of less than 80 hours.