The following roles are used when describing the Genus Modeling Process:


  • Application Model Manager (abbr. Model Manager). Responsible for planning and executing the Genus Modeling Process for a specific application.
  • Investigation Analyst (Analyst). Responsible for executing the Investigate phase.
  • Application Model Draft Designer (Designer). Responsible for executing the Draft phase.
  • Application Modeler (Modeler). Responsible for executing the Build phase.
  • Application Model Tester. (Tester). Responsible for executing the Test phase
  • Application Model Transition Manager (Transition Manager). Responsible for executing the Transition phase.
  • Application Model Quality Manager (Quality Manager). Responsible for sign offs and overall process quality.
  • Project Manager. Responsible for planning and executing the project.
  • Customer Manager. The customer's responsible for the project and the owner of the application model.
  • Customer Representative. One or more individuals actively involved in the project and part of the project team.


One individual may be assigned multiple roles.


Additional roles are defined according to your project methodology of choice, like System Architect, Business Analyst and Risk Manager. Roles in your project methodology may contain one or more of the roles defined above.