We had an idea
What if we could build a software application without programming? Wouldn’t this speed up the process of both creating and changing software applications by an order of magnitude? Wouldn’t this make it possible to reuse functionality every time a new software application was made?


No one told us it was impossible, so we did it.


Same tough requirements
We knew that a software application made without programming had to adhere to all strict requirements for professional programmed applications. It had to run fast, and it had to be 100% adjustable and extensible. It had to support a high number of users and large amounts of data, and to be user-friendly.


We didn’t want it to produce program code, which had to be compiled, linked and deployed. We wanted it to be extremely fast to change and then run the changed application. Besides, there was always the risk of changing produced program code outside “the loop”, breaking the consistency and making our applications unmaintainable.


The invention
To achieve our goal, we realized that we had to invent generic software concepts and mechanisms on a higher level of abstraction than any traditional computational terms used by programming languages. These concepts and mechanisms needed to be precise and non-ambiguous, using terms close to the user.


We used the concepts and mechanisms as modeling constructs to solve problems specific for our customer’s applications. Step-by-step we refined the concepts and mechanisms to reach the point where we are today – a mature, feature-rich application model technology, running large real life applications for our customers. The application models are composed of our customers' business objects and logic with sufficient detail to let Genus run from the model itself.


The term Genus comes from Latin genus “descent, family, type, gender”, and was chosen to underline the fact that in a new world of software application models, the main challenge is the classification and definition of new concepts in an orderly manner.


Evolution, not revolution
We believe in growing software through evolution, by adding or changing functionality one step at a time, involving users as often as possible and minimizing risk along the way. We have therefore made our application models easy to change, deploy and manage. We recommend our customers to identify and start with small applications with a good cost/benefit ratio. Deploy the small application to your users - then grow rapidly to cover other key functional areas.


Genus itself is being made the same way, and along our evolutionary path, we learned the importance of not focusing on a specific industry or business. To get our concepts to be truly generic, we needed experience from problems across industries. So, if you are a possible customer evaluating us, but cannot find any Case Studies covering your industry, we are interested to learn more about your specific challenges. We may even be willing to share some of your costs if you decide to go with us!


User Control
We believe people, and not applications, should initiate and control actions. Here we are totally in line with Apple Inc's Human Interface Guidelines, which state the following:
Although an application can suggest a course of action or warn about dangerous consequences, it's usually a mistake for the app to take decision-making away from the user. The best apps find the correct balance between giving people the capabilities they need while helping them avoid dangerous outcomes.


One model, many devices
Our application models have no knowledge of the underlying technology, which gives us a huge advantage when it comes to run our application models on ever emerging new platforms and devices like Windows 10, iPad, iPhone, Windows Phone and Html5. And, we are devoted to extend Genus to new ones based on customer demand. The beauty of it, is that in order to make your application run on another platform we do not extend or change your application model, only the Genus executable.


Pursuit of standards
Sometimes we are forced to select among competing standards, but we always try to follow the standards that give our customers the most value. We believe in Microsoft as the de facto standard for rich client business applications; hence, we are a Microsoft Certified Partner. We support service oriented architectures through open web services standards. We support all major database systems. We support document import and export from a wide range of formats. We embrace new standards based on customer demand.


Sustainable growth
We believe in developing our business step-by-step, and we are in no hurry to grow. We don’t take risks financially or people-wise; we only hire the best people. We want to build success stories among our customers, and if we do not believe your business case or requirements are good enough, we may turn you down. But if we believe in you, we always give you our best. We are proud of being a Norwegian company with high quality requirements, targeting medium to large national and international customers, with a long term strategy to grow outside Norway through our partners.


Devoted to solve your problems
Sure, we are enthusiastic about our technology, but most of all we are devoted to solve your problems. If you do not believe us, explore our existing customers. We are a strong believer in a holistic approach, providing a range of services throughout your application’s lifetime, both the implementation phase and the operational phase. In fact, you are required to subscribe to a certain minimum set of application services to be allowed to buy from us. To help us out, we invest heavily in our consultancy partners to provide you with the highest quality of services, but also the necessary staffing to meet your needs.


Our vision

Our vision is to make the preferred model-driven platform for building adaptive enterprise software applications with the highest degree of quality.


Our mission

Our mission is to solve our customers’ pains by providing a model-driven platform making it faster and easier to create, change and extend software applications.


Our core values

We have a passion for our technology, and we work hard and dedicated. We value constructive criticism and we like taking on big challenges and seeing them through. We value quality and efficiency and take pride in delivering the best possible results to our customers and partners.