How to implement


We define implementation as the realization of a Genus application in your organization.


A realization should follow a structured, planned and controlled process through a software development methodology. Genus Apps is built with iterative and incremental methodologies in mind, naturally supporting methodologies like ScrumDSDM and XP (however no programming involved).


You may use your own project management approach or follow our partners guidelines. Be careful to choose approaches that play well with iterative and incremental methodologies, like our partner Bouvet’s BPM (Bouvet Project Methodology). The Lean approach has also proven to give good results, as used by e.g. our partner Commitment.


Independent of your choice of methodologies, we recommend you to follow the Genus Modeling Process. This modeling process is not to replace your methodology of choice, but act as a guideline. However, note that our partners are required to use our process as an add-on to their methodology.


There are also additional implementation activities to address, like purchasing, training, deployment, documentation, services and infrastructure configuration.


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How to Implement