Converting a Numeric Value to a String using a Format Specifier

Product 04/07/2012 by Jan Petter Bergfjord

Support for specifying a format when converting a numeric value to a string introduced in the Genus Logix Language. Available for the numeric types Integer, LargeInteger and Real.
instance.toString(format, culture)
Converts the numeric value to its equivalent string representation using the specified format and culture-specific format information.
Type: String
A numeric format string. For more details, see the MSDN articles "Standard Numeric Format
Type: String
The culture name. A NULL value or empty string is interpreted as InvariantCulture, while a single dash "-" is interpreted as CurrentCulture. Otherwise, the value indicates the name of a culture. Culture is not case-sensitive. For a list of predefined culture names, see the National Language Support (NLS) API Reference (