Product 08/06/2017 by Johnny Troset Andersen

Today we are proud to announce that we have migrated all documentation for Genus App Platform from our homepage to!


The layout is responsive and available across mobile devices, tablets, and PCs.


Article URLs are readable and user-friendly, like


All articles have been converted to the Markdown format, and made available for community contributions through GitHub at, using DocFX as the documentation generation tool. Simply click on the "Improve this doc" button in the top right menu to go to the corresponding GitHub page, fork the repo, make change, and submit your pull requests. Genus employees have special access and may commit changes directly without forking. Read our contributor guide for more information.


The transition to such a documentation platform makes it easier to restructure and improve our articles, and such a process is indeed under way. Please bear with us for the next weeks as we finalize this restructuring.


Please note the following breaking change: Prior to release 2017.3 of Genus App Platform, the help documentation was bundled with the Genus App Services installation in addition to being available online at Now, the help documentation is only available online at But, if you are inside a firewall not allowing traffic to the internet (, you may install the documentation locally in your network and point to such an url. If this is the case, contact your Genus representative for more information.