GENUS® Logix changes name to GENUS® Application Framework

Product 12/10/2012 by Johnny Troset Andersen

It has been decided to change the name of our product to GENUS® Application Framework, since we believe it conveys the content of our product more precisely than the old name.
Wikipedia defines the word Framework in the article Software Framework as …an abstraction in which software providing generic functionality can be selectively changed by user code, thus providing application specific software. A software framework is a universal, reusable software platform used to develop applications, products and solutions.
This is quite a precise definition, except that there is no user code involved in our framework; the GENUS® Application Framework is a true model-driven technology.
GENUS® Directory will be changed to GENUS® Studio, to better reflect the increased design flexibility in our upcoming release, introducing the innovative screen designer named Forms.
GENUS® Logix Services (our application server) will be renamed to GENUS® Server. Our client will be named GENUS® Client.
The new names will be introduced in our software product in the next release and gradually on our homepage, in social media, in our documentation etc. over the next few weeks.