Next training course scheduled for December 8th – 12th

Market 24/09/2014 by Kristian Mella

The training course “Foundations of Genus Application Framework” is scheduled for Monday December 8th to Friday 12th, 2014 at our premises at Lysaker.


This course addresses the basic concepts of modeling applications using Genus Application Framework. Participants will be introduced to modeling Objects (the data model), how to add logic using Effects, and how to design user interfaces using Forms and Tables.  In addition, the participants will be introduced to the power of Genus Application Framework as a Business Intelligence tool, and how to create tailored mobile apps in an instant.



The course is suitable for, but not limited to, participants with IT-technical background.  Although no programming- or database competence is required, the concepts of modeling applications in Genus Application Framework build on principles of both relational databases and object-oriented programming – thus increasing the yield of the course for those with relevant background.



The objective of the course is to build the basic skills required to take part of a project with Genus Application Framework as the technology platform – and to perform basic modeling tasks independently.  The participants will also be given a broad understanding of the concepts of model-driven application development in order to rapidly understand and adapt new business ideas into implemented functionality.



This is a 5-day workshop-based course. The participants will, in combination with lectures and various in-class sessions, be working with a specific case: To create a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application “from scratch”.  The course is supervised by 1-2 tutors, and participants are guided by a well-documented appendix of exercises and working in their own personal (“sandbox”) environments.  In addition, all participants have full access to the reference solution.


The training hours are from 9 to 16 every day. Lunch will be served 1130 to 1200.


Interested? Please Contact us for prices and registration.


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