Genus Logix favourably mentioned in SWIFT newsletter

Market 02/11/2010 by Geir Bergheim

Sibos is the world’s premier financial services event, hosted by SWIFT.
The SWIFT Sibos newletter issued October 28th 2010 states the following:
Odin FM builds automated platform on SWIFT
ODIN Fund Management has agreed the next steps with SWIFT in the automation of its fund processing using the IS020022 protocol and Alliance Integrator.

ODIN is developing a new enterprise business solution to support its core business processes and to integrate with external parties.

The ODIN Fund Management Business Control (OBC) will offer work process support ¡n areas ranging from sales and CRM, via operations and clearing, to business intelligence including distributor and customer reporting.

The system integrates with external firms e.g. CSDs, banks arid distributors, primarily using web services and the lSO20022 standard via SWFTNet.

Information and services are offered through the customer online services portal ODIN Direct.

ODIN Direct is a complete straight-through-processing Fund Advice and trading solution offering a MiFID compliant, self-service platform based on a Paperless Agreement Framework (PAF) using electronic-IDs for access and signing. The system should offer a time-efficient solution for fund distribution and will have a SMFT Connect Certified Integration.

ODIN Direct was developed together with Cicero Consulting. The OBC system is based on Genus Logix which enables a high degree of flexibility and adaptability to changing business and technology scenarios.

Senior vice president for operations Sven Carisson said, “By using Integrator and just a few partners in our development projects it is easier to manage them and at the same time we have access to the expertise that will be able to make the new solutions future proof.”