Reengineering the Genus installer

Product 06/03/2015 by Martin Jarrett

We are in the process of replacing InstallShield with a more flexible installation technology, as promised in our roadmap.


First out is the Genus Mobile Web installer, which from release 2015.1 and onwards is built using WiX Toolset ( WiX is a toolset for building Windows installation packages from XML source code. This means more and better developer control, better integration with custom installation actions and easier reuse of common elements in future installer projects. The new installer is also patched into the 2014.2 release (for Genus Mobile Web).


We are currently working on the Genus Server installer. We are aiming for the 2015.2 release, but cannot promise anything yet.


As soon as we have replaced the Genus Server installer, we will start working on the Genus Desktop installer. This installer will have improved support for unattended install, as requested by some of our customers. We will also improve the handling of multiple Genus Desktop versions on the same computer, by reengineering our bootstrap (launcher) mechanisms.