Release 2013.2 is now available

Product 09/10/2013 by Johnny Troset Andersen

The main new features and enhancements are:
  • Introducing the first version of Genus Desktop Forms!
  • New and improved Condition Editor with support for parenthesis
  • The effect Import Data from File has been renamed to Import Data and is not limited to a local files anymore, making it possible to retrieve data from RESTful web services
  • New exceptions Catch Data Validation, On Cardinality Violation and On File Read Error have been added
  • Transaction Step Order has been added on Scope (Update: The name of the property is changed to Override Deadlock Avoidance)
  • Possible to turn off XML schema validation
  • Support for JSON File has been added to the Data Export effect
  • The if-then-else construct introduced to support writing conditional expressions in the Genus Application Framework Language
  • Options introduced for Scope in Actions to improve performance during bulk updates (Disable Audit Trail, Disable Live Update, Silent Create Objects)
...and several other enhancements.
See our Release Notes for more information.
Please pay attention to the sections Installation/Upgrading and Breaking Changes.