Release 2013.1 is out!

Product 15/03/2013 by Johnny Troset Andersen

Release 2013.1 is now available.
The main new features and enhancements are:
  • Improved Action Orchestration (#17947)
  • Definition of unbound (non-persistent) Object Classes and Properties (#17946)
  • New effect for accessing account data from actions (#16129)
  • New effect for sorting objects (#16401)
  • Improved design of the Genus Studio Navigation pane (#18758)
  • Explore an analysis from an analysis (#17705)
  • Running multiple agents in parallel on the same Genus Server (#14089)
  • Introduced support for web service POX/JSON endpoints (#17510)
  • Displaying group summaries for collapsed rows in a table (#17769)
  • Support for MySQL and PostgreSQL as data providers (#17808)
...and more than 30 other enhancements. See our Release Notes for more information.
Note that there is a new Breaking Change (#19072 / #17642 / #17862). See the Release Note Change Log for a list of all changes.
News of any future patches will be distributed per email through our partners as usual. Patch details will be added to the Patches section of the Release Notes.