Release 2014.1 is now available

Product 27/01/2014 by Johnny Troset Andersen


  • New Genus Desktop Gantt Control for managing and visualizing hierarchical project planning data. For more information, see this news article. 
  • Reduced memory usage while downloading and uploading large files for both Genus Desktop and Genus Server.
  • Introducing the Beta version of Genus Mobile, an app for accessing your data and tasks on your mobile device or on the web without writing a single line of code, i.e. by modeling Forms only. Selected partner projects will be allowed to use the Beta version in production.
  • Introducing Activation/License key. Such a software key will be issued by Genus each year after receiving the license payment, and must be installed following a simple procedure to secure continued use.
  • The Single/Multiple Object Page concepts are removed and replaced by the Forms/Table concepts.
  • Built-in data exchange with Microsoft Project is removed and must be replaced by modeling import/export effects. See this new article for more information.
  • Instance Security is removed and replaced by Conditional Security with no loss of functionality.


See our Release Notes for more information.