C# and .NET programmers wanted

People 11/01/2012 by Johnny Troset Andersen

We are looking for C# and .NET programmers covering Windows rich client, Windows server side and web application development, all based on a model-driven core.
For our Windows rich clients, we are gradually moving our entire code base to C# and .NET, but not by tedious porting of code line-by-line. Our strategy is to make new C# code modules and integrate these into our existing code by clearly defined interfaces based on RemObjects Hydra, and removing old code. We have succeeded in moving our mail merge (both to MS Word and Excel) and spreadsheet export functionality using .NET components from Aspose. Similarly, we are in the process of moving our GUI Form using .NET components from DevExpress. Additional functionality based on DevExpress components is planned for 2012 - have a look at our Roadmap.
Our Windows server side code (Genus Logix Services) is developed in C# and .NET using Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), and handles tasks like transaction handling, authentication, model caching, database schema interpretation and web service consumption and exposure. Our model interpretation core is unmanaged and contained within COM+. The core is to gradually be moved to C# and .NET, following a similar strategy as for our Windows rich clients.
Our web applications are developed in C# and .NET using the ASP.NET MVC Framework. As opposed to our Windows clients and servers, our web applications do not yet interpret application models 100%. Our focus on web clients continues throughout 2012, with an increasing use of meta data, targeting 100% model based web clients in 2013. We are experimenting with Windows Phone applications; the first in-house business application is launched in a few weeks.
Genus takes a holistic approach to developing. We believe developers should be able to understand and discuss customer requirements together with our analysts and customer industry experts, and transform these requirements to Genus Logix improvements, to the benefit of other customers and the product as a whole.
We believe developers should stay as close as possible to bugs reported by our customers, by fixing these in the code as fast as practically possible - in the long term this will benefit all parties - the programmer learns how to produce production stable code, the customer is given quick support and the quality of the Genus Logix product is always improved.
Developing Genus® Logix involves a continuous transition between terms, questions and solutions on different meta-levels. The first few years as a new developer, are a mind-boggling experience. If you are looking for a long term challenge, please contact us.
Required Skills:
  • Master of Science in Computer Science or similar.
  • Experience working with C# and .NET 3.5 or 4.0.
  • Experience working with WCF or WPF.
  • Experience working with LINQ and XML.
Preferred Skills:
  • Experience with Perforce revision control.
  • Experience with DevExpress and Aspose components.
  • Experience with RemObjects components for cross platform interfacing.
  • Understanding of current software design patterns.
  • Test-driven development.
  • SQL towards both MS SQL Server and Oracle.
  • Experience with HTML5 and CSS.
  • Understanding of multi-threading.
  • Understanding of model driven engineering.
For more information about Genus and our product Genus Logix, have a look at our homepage www.genus.biz.