Genus Application Framework changes name to Genus App Platform

Product 29/03/2016 by Johnny Troset Andersen

The past few years, we have observed that the landscape for high-productivity application development tools has steadily matured. As a pioneer in the genre of model-driven development tools, we are happy to see that the ideas we have been championing are now implemented in an increasing number of companies, and that even new players enter the scene.


In this new environment, we have come to the conclusion that the previous name no longer covers the true intent of our product offering. The result is one major and one minor change to the name of our product:


First, “Framework” changes name to “Platform” to better convey the message that we are in fact delivering a platform for model-driven software, and not only a framework for such software. The name change is also a natural step towards our strategic positioning as an app platform in the cloud, powered by Microsoft Azure.


Second, “Application” changes name to “App” in pace with the overall market’s use of the term.


The name change will take place gradually over the next weeks and be finalized as part of our 2016.1 release.