Genus AS is a Norwegian company and software house located in Oslo. Genus Apps® is our product, and used by our partners and customers to build business software applications without programming.

The Theory
Back in the late 1980’s, two students at the
Norwegian Institute of Technology submitted a thesis with the title “A Taxonomy of Concepts for the Science of Information Systems” supervised by Professor Arne Sølvberg.


Essential in this highly theoretical discussion was the concept of meta-levels, i.e. that the description of something is one level higher than the something itself. For example, a meta-language is a language for talking about languages, meta-data is data about data, and a meta-model is a model of models.


The thesis claimed that there exist four important meta-levels and introduced a framework of concepts to describe the levels and the relationships and transitions between them.


The thesis was fundamental in understanding that it is theoretically possible to describe software applications in terms closer to the users, i.e. on a higher level than programming languages. It should also be possible to transform such descriptions to lower levels, i.e. actually run software applications directly from such descriptions, without programming or human intervention of any kind.


The Product
Genus Apps® is the product and the result of the practical fulfillment of the theory through hard and determined work since the late 1980’s. Genus Apps reads application descriptions, described through models, and appears for the end users just as other production-strength business applications. But behind the scenes, it is faster to change such applications than other apparently comparable products, making our product the ideal choice for medium to large businesses with fast and ever changing requirements.


In the real world there exist a multitude of objects like for instance a "company". The first meta-level is the representation of these objects in a software application with their actual names, like Microsoft Inc. and Genus AS. The second meta-level is the description of the company properties, like the company name property with a length of e.g. 30 characters. We call this the application model level. The third level is the terms used to describe the description of company properties, like the term property itself. The term property in this context would have a field called “Name” (with the value “Company name” back in the second meta-level). We call the third level the application meta-model level. The fourth level is the description or discussion about meta-models. This last level concentrates on which parts of the world it should be possible to specify, or, said otherwise, which parts should be possible to put into a meta-model.


The core of Genus Apps is a well-defined meta-model, in which it is possible to specify runnable application models. There is no programming involved in specifying and running the models. The model describes your business. Your business model is simply your software application.


Genus Apps supports true Model-driven engineering or development, but has no foundation in or relation to any specific standards or patterns discussed in the community, like Adaptive Object Models or the Wikipedia articles Model-driven architecture and Model-driven software development. Genus Apps is not limited to a specific domain, but is a true generic platform within Enterprise Software. Our tool is on the highest level 5 in the Modeling Maturity Level classification (plus there is no need for code generation).


Our People
We are wholly employee owned, since we want 100% control of our development. We only hire the best people. We believe our people have a unique combination of high software skills and people skills, since we think software is as much about understanding people and processes as about understanding technical issues. We care deeply about our customers and partners, and we are committed to solve your problems with the highest possible speed and quality.


Developing Genus Apps involves a continuous transition between terms, questions and solutions on different meta-levels. The first period as a new developer, are a mind-boggling experience. If you are looking for a long term challenge, please contact us, we are always interested in hiring new smart people. However, please note that a Master of Science degree or higher in computer science is required. Our company language is English.


Our Management
Geir Bergheim is our Chairman of the Board. He is a strong visionary and is continuously involved in the improvement of the meta-model and the product. He is a co-founder of Genus AS and was one of the students behind the theory developed in the late 1980’s.


Our management team is a balanced mix of technical and non-technical people with a background from leading Norwegian and international universities. Their work experience includes large consultancies like Accenture, software houses like SAS Institute, equity fund managers like ODIN Fund Management, engineering consultancies like Norconsult and public administration like the Ministry of Justice and the Police. All members of our management team are co-founders.